Sunday, April 20, 2014

Warrior's Journey

An excerpt from "Comfortable with Uncertainty" Chapter 88: Commitment

"...In order to go deeper, there has to be a wholehearted commitment. You begin the warrior's journey when you choose one path and stick to it.  Then you let it put you through your changes.  Without a commitment, the minute you really begin to hurt, you'll just leave or you'll look for something else. 
The question always remains: To what are we really committed?  Is it to playing it safe and manipulating our life and the rest of the world so that it wil give us security and confirmation?  Or is our commitment to exploring deeper and deeper levels of letting go?  Do we take refuge in small, self-satisfied actions, speech, and mind?  Or do we take refuge in warriorship, in taking a leap, in going beyond our usual safety zones?" 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

4/18 & 4/19 Training

EMOM for 16 min
odd - 11 row cals  36-34-32-31-30-30-29-30s
even - 25m shuttle run out and back yes ~10s...didn't really get times here. 

PM noonish
A. Squat clean 2,2,2; rest 90 sec 155-165-170lbs.  Tough today. 

B. Front squat @20X1; 3-4x5; rest 3 min
4x155, 160, 165, 170, 175.  These also felt tough but each set got a bit better. 
Hands a bit sore, but holding together well. 3:25 overall 
Some clicking in both shoulders.  Not feeling as smooth today.  I've determined my home pull-up bars are some of the slickest out there.  Relative to last week it was tough to hold on.  Good for training. 

10 AM
For time:
run 400m
AD 40 cals
Run 1:40 -transition onto AD at 1:52, ~25 cals in first minute and then I kept plugging.  FInished 40 cals in 1:20 for 3:12 overall. Took over 30 minutes for ROM to get back to baseline after this one.  It didn't hurt as bad as I was anticipating, but I dug.  

PM 12:30ish
3 rounds for time:
AD 15 cals
10 clean and jerks 65#
Round 1 AD 45s/1:30 
Round 2 AD 55s/3:03ish
Round 3 AD 55s/4:35 overall 

ROM was back to baseline within 90s of finish.  

Rest 30 minutes 
3 rounds for time:
300m run
75 double unders
Run Round 1 ~1:12 UB DUs Think the clock said 2:12ish 
Round 2 ~4:40 Tripped at 5 then 70 ub. 
Round 3 finished in 7:03 in from the run @ 6:12. Tripped at 49 on DUs then right into final 26. 
ROM recovered within 60s of finish. 
Fun morning of training.  Feeling good! 

4/16 & 4/17 Push-Press + Push Jerk @ 160lbs.

My view from the AirDyne

45 min AD Z1

hike Z1
Done.  60 minutes. 

A. Back squat @10X1; 55% 1rm; 2 reps; 10 sets; rest 40 sec
Done @ 130lbs.  Practicing some biofeedback b/w sets to ensure I'm recruiting enough on the speed squats to create a stimulus.  Sometimes I'd shorten, but not always. 
B. Squat clean thruster - build to a heavy single
155lbs, 160lbs F.  Called it.  Feeling really light-headed.  Felt like I was about to pass out after the 155lbs. ROM short after 155 & 160. 

C. 4 bar muscle-ups EMOM for 10 min
Done.  Felt good except for the splitting headache I got as soon as I started these.  Was shooting up the right side of my head behind my ear and into my temple.  Possibly some SCM tension.  Spent recovery time kneeling and holding my head for most of it.  Otherwise the MUs themselves felt good and didn't really notice the head until I came off the bar. 

A. Snatch pull + power snatch; 1.1x3; rest 2 min
Went to start @ 115 then I missed the first power snatch and then the second.  Went down to 105 then 110, then back to 115-missed the power snatch again and then finally hit it.  Off on these today. 

B. EMOM for 10 min
odd - PP+PJ - building per set
135-145-150-155-160. 5lbs under push-press PR, but definitely the heaviest I've done with an elevated HR with the deadlifts on the evens. 

even - deadlift 245#x4 TnG  These were solid but felt a little tough. 
5 rounds for time:
5 pHSPU 6"
FW heavy 40 m
8 power snatch 95#
3 rope climbs
All HSPUs UB.  Feeling good here. 
FW UB with 95lbs/arm. 
Power snatch went 
1. 3/2/3
2. 5/3
3. 6/2
4. 5/3
5. 4/3/1
Interesting feeling to go from the grip work on the FW with thicker handles and then felt great to grab onto the women's bar for the snatches.  
Grip would get to me a bit on the rope climbs. 
Times per round were around 3:00/315, 7ish, 11, 15ish, 18:03 or 18:10 somewhere in there. 

4/15 C2B, MU WODs

Decent sleep.  ~8:30/9-3. Up until around 3:45/4 and then up for good at 5:15. Energy felt good.

830 AM
15 cal AD
10 burpees
10 CTB chin ups
15 cal AD
10 burpees
10 CTB chin ups
rest 3 min

1. 4:08 (AD 50/55s)
2. 3:44 (AD 50/55s)
3. 3:43 (AD 45/55s)
4. 3:24 (AD 45/50s)
All pull-ups UB.  Felt best I've felt with C2B at home (almost always feel good with them outside my own gym) and best "pop" I've had with training in awhile. 

MT session - ran home to get the car for windshield repair
10:30 a
AD 60 sec @90% aer
rest 60 sec
1. 70-73 RPM
2. 69-72
3. 68-71
4. 68-71
5. 69-71
6. 69-72

12:30 PM
For time:
deadlifts 225#
All DLs UB which came as a surprise, but I went with it. 
MUs Missed the 3rd rep of the first set on each set! First set of 11 was 2F, 2, 2, 3, 2.  Then 9 was 2F, 2, 2, 2,1 and ended with 2F, 2, 2, F (tried to go back in 5s instead of 10s) 1. Perhaps pull is a bit tired after C2Bs this morning.  Dunno.  Overall good session. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

4/13 Dallas Combine ...New Opportunities!

There are those special moments in life when you show up somewhere new and have an overwhelming feeling that you belong.  Only time will tell if it ends up being true, but this is exactly how I felt from the time I woke up this morning.  I didn't have the typical event day nerves, but I felt a calm excitement for what the day would bring.

I was assigned to a team in the afternoon session so I hung out and watched the action during the morning.  We ran a full 11 event simulation of what a head to head competition will entail.  The only difference being that rather than two teams we had two heats of two teams so there ended up being a bit more rest between events & it took roughly 3 hours vs 90 minutes.

My biggest concern was the fast paced nature of the events.  My essence tends to be slow & steady, but I've made a lot of ground in this area in recent years & I didn't feel like I had any trouble keeping up today.  In fact, I loved the rush & energy of each event!  It goes fast, but requires a controlled focus to make reps count & communicate with teammates.

Relative to an individual comp the work load & recovery felt easy.  The biggest challenge was maintaining focus and controlling emotions to not feel burnt by the end.

All in all it ended up being a great day!  I can't think of an event where I've ever felt so at-home and had so much fun.  I love performing and the goal is to be on a team and have the opportunity to do events like these in front of large crowds someday!  Most of all to earn the right to sign on the dotted line and become a professional athlete!

I earned my finalist jacket as one of 18 female spots from the Dallas Combine to Stage 2 of the Combine in Las Vegas mid-June.  Dreams...Goals...Reality!

4/11 Dallas NPFL Combine Day 1

After a rollercoaster ride of emotions all week I was doubting if going to the Combine was a good idea.  Then I got on the plane and suddenly I felt at peace.  The knot I'd felt in my stomach for days subsided and I was on my way.

Friday Morning was initially a bit stressful as there was no schedule.  I really prefer to be told what to do & when, when  it comes to competitive exercise.  On top of that there were some suggested events & movements added to the list that I hadn't initially planned on doing.  I added snatching into the mix and then later on another coach told me not to worry about the suggestions and just stick to my plan.

Kicked the day off with Double Unders.  Did 160 UB in 90s which was about a 35 rep PR.  Felt smooth and controlled the whole time.  Stayed relaxed and just kept popping.

Next I went to the snatch.  Opened with 125, 135, missed 145, 140, 145, missed at 150 twice and called it...had it solidly overhead, but couldn't stabilize and ended up walking around with the 2nd attempt at 150 before I threw it down.  It will happen this year!

From the snatch I went to FS.  Did 195lbs & 205lbs in the warm up area.  Both which were tough, as I tired my nervous system out a bit with all the snatch attempts.  Had a longer wait for FS once I went over and built up again quickly on the platform....125/175/195/205/215...called it.  Had to fight hard for the 215 but was thrilled to equal my PR from the previous week when I was feeling much fresher.

After FS I ended what ended up being a 3 hour morning session with max MUs in 90s.  Did 7/5/3 for 15 total.  These felt great.  The rings were thinner than I normally practice on which really helped with confidence in the grip.

Took a break and then came back with a shoulder press.  Was hopping to equal or beat my PR (125lbs) but had to fight out 120lbs and that was all she wrote.  Attempted 125lbs, but no go today.

From here I went over to the C2Bs in 90s.  The bar felt great, but I opened with 33 and had a small tear.  Then did some short quick sets and before I knew it I completed 55 reps, but my hands were bloody as a result.
I had about two hours left in the day.  I was planning to do rope climbs and the barbell workout in addition to HSPUs & pistols.
I kept the HSPUs (45 in 90s) and pistols (22/20 in 45s each side), took out the rope climbs and then warmed up the barbell workout, but the coach from NY saw me warming up with my hands and suggest I call it a day and save them for Sunday vs shred them further.  I went over and chatted with a couple other coaches to get other opinions & when they supported the idea I went with it.  It was certainly disappointed, as watching others do the workout , as I felt I could have had a good showing.  I ended up adding in HS walk (~64 ft) and the shuttle run in the last 10 minutes as I got nervous that I didn't do enough events.  :)

On to Sunday!


Pre-wedding in the Keys

Thanks to the folks @CF Soul for hosting us!

A. Back squat - build to a heavy single

B. Hang power snatch + power snatch - every 90 sec for 6 sets
Built from 85-119lbs.  Felt good. 

For time:
10 OHS 135#
30 chin ups
20 Front squat 135#
30 CTB chin ups
40 Back squat 135#
30 bar muscle-ups
This was horrid.  All good, but some significant relationship stuff discussed all weekend and left me without a whole lot of sleep and some general anxiety.  Plus the 30oz of Starbucks I drank before this session had me all whacked out.  My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest and I kept having to sit down. 
OHS 8/1/1
Pull-ups 15/15
FS- sets of 3-6
C2B 8/10/12
Back Squats were 10 then 5-8 with lots of rest...sitting in between as I felt crazy. 
Hands started to go on MUs. Went back and forth between bar for 3s and rings did 5/4/3 for a total of 20 reps between the two. 37 minutes into the workout I chalked it up to some squat volume and skill practice.  Whew. 

12 cal AD
5 strict chin ups
10 pushups
12 cal AD
3 strict chin ups
15 pushups
rest 2 min
3-3:15 for each.  Still not much sleep in the books. 
AD 60 sec @90% aer
rest 60 sec
Done. RPMs mid to upper 60s 

For time:
deadlifts 205#
box jumps 24"

5:17?  Very tired.  No adrenaline in the system.  Deads felt relatively light, but broke them into 15/6, 8/7, 9. Box jumps steady. 

15 min AD Z1
1000m ski Z1
10 min DH2I on rings, FLR on rings, ring rows  added some FC work as well upped time to 15 minutes with extra stuff added. 
15 min AD Z1

hike Z1

Yep.  About 60 minutes with Katie.  Good conversation.  

OFF- Headed to Dallas for NPFL Combine!