Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday PM 30-20-10 DL + BBJ


For time:
deadlifts 155#
burpee broad jump 50' in btw sets

A bit sluggish after an afternoon laying low on the couch in & out of sleep while watching Forrest Gump.  However, once I got to the gym there was great energy and I felt great too! 

Didn't do a big warm-up for this one.  Just moved the weight for a couple sets of 5.  Felt out the burpee broad jump and got to it. 
This was one of those workouts where my mental self talk was a bit comical.  I didn't have a plan going in I just trusted that I knew not to grind early and that I'd know when to break. I get 20 reps into the set of 30 and started thinking...maybe I'll go this stupid? I going to pay for this later?....this is practice...time to test it.  8 reps into the set of 20 was the same thing and then I acknowledged that I felt great and that I WAS doing it unbroken.  
Fun workout.  Feeling good. Not nearly as bad as I was expecting...maybe I need to move faster! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4/22 AM: Ski/MUs/Burpees + 30 Power Snatches + 30 Cals AD.


Finished PM too late last night (7:30p) especially with opening the first two classes today. Was after 9 by the time I headed to bed & I'm not able to just plug in and recharge like my cell phone.  Maybe 10 by the time I fell asleep??  Awake at 4:30 without alarm. 
I've been sleeping on a new bed and I think it's too soft.  Body feels really stiff in the mornings especially through the midback.  Going to try a different bed tonight. 

Was a struggle to get going this morning.  Took over one of the MT tables for about 40 minutes trying to hit a recharge button and find some energy.  

200m ski
3 muscle-ups
6 burpees
200m ski
3 muscle-ups
6 burpees
rest 2 min
Feeling better as the sets went on.  All MUs UB.  Feeling with these. 


For time:

30 power snatch 65#30 cal AD

Rested ~20 minutes.  Then did a warm-up of 30s AD...2 minutes or so rest then 10 35lbs power snatches + 30s AD, 2-3 minutes then 10 65lb power snatches and 30s tough on AD.  Rested 3-4 minutes and started. 

Goal was to not give up on the power snatches and do them UB.  That was accomplished & felt pretty effortless....until I made my way to the bike.  After the 40 cals in 1:20 on Saturday I was hoping to rip through the 30 cals in a minute or just over.  However I felt a bit different following the power snatches than I did following the 400m run. It took me a good 40s to get up to 400 watts.  I focused on holding strong once I finally got it revved up.  It was tough and one of those moments when you hit 1:05 and have 5 cals left and are digging to try to get it over with and then hit 1:10 and still have 1 cal left and have to dig for another 5s for the machine to turn over to 30...31 actually.  Overall time 2:39ish...was a bit out of it.  Felt horrible afterwards.  
Took awhile to get off the bike and when I did my legs felt worse than they have in a very long time.  The stumble off the bike at the 3:15 point in the vid is classic. 10 minutes after finishing is when I started to feel like I could throw-up.  Feeling hung around for the next 10-20 minutes.  Slowly walked home, ate some food and chilled on the couch all afternoon...until it was time to make my way back for PM training.  :)

Felt good to knock out the morning after feeling so low going into it.  

4/21 PM HPC

Power naps in the sun. 

Sasha joined the pack for the afternoon hike. 

After a 10 minute sunshine session in the parking lot Kate & I hit the woods for an hour hike with the dogs.

A. Hang power clean - build to a max
Low back feeling tight.  Did a steady climb with short rest. 
65-85-105-115-125-135-145-155-160-165-170F, 170F called it. 
Didn't turn the camera on until 170 and then missed both. Not feeling much pop these days. 

EMOM for 12 min
odd - 3-5 pHSPU 6-8" All by 5 reps to 8".  Still one of my favorite movements!
even - 2 DH2I on rings yep

EMOM for 12 min
odd - 10 kb clean and jerk alt'ing arms tough
Started with 20kg/44lbs & planned to go up but then ended up going down in reps as it took 48s to do 8.  Got 10 in the final minute and it took the full minute. Left more challenging than the right side. 

even - 30m FW tough  Done with 95lbs/arm. 
For time:
20m HS walk 15m + 5m 1:00
6 stone to shoulder About 2 minutes to get through these at 115lbs. 
10m HS walk UB-felt good here.  
3 stone to shoulder Took about 45s for last 3 reps @ 115lbs. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

4/21 AM Squatting & Snatching

Sleep much better than Saturday night.  In bed just after 7.  Asleep b/w 830 & 9 until 4 and then until 5:45.  Good AM energy.

Lost another pound in the past 4 days.  Not trying to lose, but down a total of 6lbs since March 17th. (131-125lbs) 1.5lb muscle and the rest fat according to InBody.  Hard to keep on the lbs without the calories from Ben & Jerry's everyday.

A. Back squat @20X1; 3-4x5; rest 3 min
(5x95, 135, 4x165) 4x 175, 185, 195, 200, 3 x 205.  Longer than 1s at the top.  ROM shortened even after the 165 for warm-up.  Would recover before the 3 minutes was up, but man these felt tough today.  195-200-205 all had some minor issues with keeping pelvic floor tight enough to not pee. 

B. 3 position snatch - high hang, paused below knee, from floor; 5 sets; rest 2 min
85-95-105-115F high hang behind-then in front-went down to 110.  Made high hang & BTK then missed from floor. Checked ROM wasn't short so went right back to it and hit. Decided to stay at 110 for last set, but then missed from high hang.  Went down to 105 to finish it out.  Rough day with the snatch. 

C. Pendlay row @21X0; 3-4x3; rest 2 min
4x105, 115, 125.  Feeling good here. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Warrior's Journey

An excerpt from "Comfortable with Uncertainty" Chapter 88: Commitment

"...In order to go deeper, there has to be a wholehearted commitment. You begin the warrior's journey when you choose one path and stick to it.  Then you let it put you through your changes.  Without a commitment, the minute you really begin to hurt, you'll just leave or you'll look for something else. 
The question always remains: To what are we really committed?  Is it to playing it safe and manipulating our life and the rest of the world so that it wil give us security and confirmation?  Or is our commitment to exploring deeper and deeper levels of letting go?  Do we take refuge in small, self-satisfied actions, speech, and mind?  Or do we take refuge in warriorship, in taking a leap, in going beyond our usual safety zones?" 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

4/18 & 4/19 Training

EMOM for 16 min
odd - 11 row cals  36-34-32-31-30-30-29-30s
even - 25m shuttle run out and back yes ~10s...didn't really get times here. 

PM noonish
A. Squat clean 2,2,2; rest 90 sec 155-165-170lbs.  Tough today. 

B. Front squat @20X1; 3-4x5; rest 3 min
4x155, 160, 165, 170, 175.  These also felt tough but each set got a bit better. 
Hands a bit sore, but holding together well. 3:25 overall 
Some clicking in both shoulders.  Not feeling as smooth today.  I've determined my home pull-up bars are some of the slickest out there.  Relative to last week it was tough to hold on.  Good for training. 

10 AM
For time:
run 400m
AD 40 cals
Run 1:40 -transition onto AD at 1:52, ~25 cals in first minute and then I kept plugging.  FInished 40 cals in 1:20 for 3:12 overall. Took over 30 minutes for ROM to get back to baseline after this one.  It didn't hurt as bad as I was anticipating, but I dug.  

PM 12:30ish
3 rounds for time:
AD 15 cals
10 clean and jerks 65#
Round 1 AD 45s/1:30 
Round 2 AD 55s/3:03ish
Round 3 AD 55s/4:35 overall 

ROM was back to baseline within 90s of finish.  

Rest 30 minutes 
3 rounds for time:
300m run
75 double unders
Run Round 1 ~1:12 UB DUs Think the clock said 2:12ish 
Round 2 ~4:40 Tripped at 5 then 70 ub. 
Round 3 finished in 7:03 in from the run @ 6:12. Tripped at 49 on DUs then right into final 26. 
ROM recovered within 60s of finish. 
Fun morning of training.  Feeling good! 

4/16 & 4/17 Push-Press + Push Jerk @ 160lbs.

My view from the AirDyne

45 min AD Z1

hike Z1
Done.  60 minutes. 

A. Back squat @10X1; 55% 1rm; 2 reps; 10 sets; rest 40 sec
Done @ 130lbs.  Practicing some biofeedback b/w sets to ensure I'm recruiting enough on the speed squats to create a stimulus.  Sometimes I'd shorten, but not always. 
B. Squat clean thruster - build to a heavy single
155lbs, 160lbs F.  Called it.  Feeling really light-headed.  Felt like I was about to pass out after the 155lbs. ROM short after 155 & 160. 

C. 4 bar muscle-ups EMOM for 10 min
Done.  Felt good except for the splitting headache I got as soon as I started these.  Was shooting up the right side of my head behind my ear and into my temple.  Possibly some SCM tension.  Spent recovery time kneeling and holding my head for most of it.  Otherwise the MUs themselves felt good and didn't really notice the head until I came off the bar. 

A. Snatch pull + power snatch; 1.1x3; rest 2 min
Went to start @ 115 then I missed the first power snatch and then the second.  Went down to 105 then 110, then back to 115-missed the power snatch again and then finally hit it.  Off on these today. 

B. EMOM for 10 min
odd - PP+PJ - building per set
135-145-150-155-160. 5lbs under push-press PR, but definitely the heaviest I've done with an elevated HR with the deadlifts on the evens. 

even - deadlift 245#x4 TnG  These were solid but felt a little tough. 
5 rounds for time:
5 pHSPU 6"
FW heavy 40 m
8 power snatch 95#
3 rope climbs
All HSPUs UB.  Feeling good here. 
FW UB with 95lbs/arm. 
Power snatch went 
1. 3/2/3
2. 5/3
3. 6/2
4. 5/3
5. 4/3/1
Interesting feeling to go from the grip work on the FW with thicker handles and then felt great to grab onto the women's bar for the snatches.  
Grip would get to me a bit on the rope climbs. 
Times per round were around 3:00/315, 7ish, 11, 15ish, 18:03 or 18:10 somewhere in there.